Flower Baskets

Eternal Rose
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Red roses in an elegant box
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21 red roses in an elegant luxury box.
Fragrant hyacinth
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Effective and incredibly scrumptious arrangement of 3 bouquets of flowering hyacinths in hand-knit...
Basket with roses and champagne with 24 carat gold particles
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The basket is suitable for any occasion - birthday, wedding, jubilee or to tell someone that it is...
Surprise Arrangement
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In the beautiful and stylish box arranged chrysanthemums and Ferrero Rocher chocolates. The box is...
Tedy Bear and Flowers
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Arrangement with flowers and handmade roses with chocolates in the center will bring lots of fun...
Flower arrangement - Served with both hands
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Natural flowers arranged between two arms of wood. This is very impressive arrangement and touched...
Red and White Roses Basket
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In hand-woven basket designed in shape of a heart are beautifully arranged 50 red and white roses....
Red Roses Basket
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The price is for 25 roses
Heart of roses Flower Basket
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Basket of 45 red roses shaped like a heart wrapped in a soft green.
Chicago Red Roses Basket
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The price is for 21 pieces roses.
Basket with yellow roses
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The price is for 25 pieces roses.
Basket of flowers - Gentle inspiration
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A beautiful basket of natural materials in the form of an elegant handbag, complete with carefully...
Floral Basket with roses and orchids
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Stylish and very beautiful basket of flowers suitable for any occasion.
Arrangement in rapana - Sea World
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Natural ocean Rapana arranged with chrysanthemum and appropriate greenery.
Basket with natural flowers - Together Forever
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Basket full of many colors, mood, and of course love .
Basket with natural flowers - Splendor
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A basket full of splendor and a lot of mood that will conquer everyone who has the pleasure of...
Basket with flowers - Cathy
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AA basket filled with lots of beauty and tenderness of carefully selected flowers and appropriate...
Red Roses Arrangement - Tenderness
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Ikebana of delicate roses surrounded by red-tile chrysanthemum, gipsofila and appropriate greenery.
I love you!
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Basket with beautiful red roses against a background of green leaf on which is written what you...
Flower Basket
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send this delightful basket of fresh fall flowers to someone who's on your mind and you can be sure...
Arrangement with orchids
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Extravagant and beautiful arrangement designed to bring cheer and joy.
Babin umbrella
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Pots - Pots of natural materials in the form of an umbrella sheltered diverse but well-selected...
Basket with natural flowers - Colorful mood
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Basket filled with colorful and diferent flowers established to donate a lot of mood and joy.
Roses on the wings of a swan
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The bird of love will lay a very gentle love roses surrounded by gipsofila and Costa Rica....
Artificial flowers unit
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Artificial flowers unit 90cm / 40cm