Woman's Day Baskets

Eternal Rose
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Picnic Gift Basket
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Exquisite picnic basket with full set of cutlery for two, linen tablecloth, deluxe napkins, two...
Gourmet cheeses
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Crushed gift for connoisseurs. On a foldable wooden board with a set of different cheese knives are...
Holiday basket "Luxury abundance"
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Beautiful holiday basket complete with carefully selected quality food and beverages. Three...
Gift Basket to my beloved mom!
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Hand wicker basket in the shape of a piano, a bottle of wine, chocolates, a small flower...
I love You!
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In a beautiful box we put a red rose, chocolates Ferrero Rosher, aromatic and sweet strawberries...
Golden Heart
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Classy bottle of champagne with gold particles in combination with chocolates Ferrero Rosher and...
Champagne and hearts
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Arranged a bottle of sparkling champagne, fine chocolate chocolates Merci and beautiful crystal...
Tedy Bear and Flowers
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Arrangement with flowers and handmade roses with chocolates in the center will bring lots of fun...
Basket cake and wine
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Basket with a bottle of wine, fresh roasted nuts and a delicious chocolate cake.
Basket of meringues
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Basket full of meringues for your loved ones. Meringues are packed wrapped with transparent film.
Luxury Basket - Golden Rose
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Bottle of Todoroff wine, Jack Daniels whiskey, Sheridan's Coffee Liqueur, luxury box of chocolates,...
Basket - Crystal Angel with a message
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Frequent feast with a beautiful crystalline angel with a message placed in a gentle gift organza...
Fruit and Chocolate Basket
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Bottle of high quality Whiskey, a bottle of wine, a box of chocolates, nuts and a lottery ticket.
Grand Piano Basket
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Unique basket shaped like a grand piano will make everyone sing chords in his glass of white wine,...
Wine basket and 6 types of cheeses
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Six types of well-selected quality cheese, a set of special knives for cheese, beautiful painted...
Gift Basket - Extravagant orchids
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Very beautiful and elegant basket with a bottle of brandy "Burgas 63" - special red wine Todoroff,...
Romantic basket martini and olives
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Romantic basket for your favorite full as carefully selected cuisine and with much love.When the...
Feuit Basket
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Basket full of useful and sweet fruits.
Fresh Fruit Gift Basket
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Basket full of fresh vitamins gathered in a wide variety of fruits that are tasty and beautifully...
Mollie Gift Basket
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Basket with a bottle of whiskey Jameson, sweet and salty BISCUIT, three kinds of nuts, a box of...
Orchid Gift Basket
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Luxury gift basket full of quality drinks - Cycle white and red wines, Jameson whiskey, three...
Luxury Gourmet Basket
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Luxury basket full of quality drinks - white and red wines Todoroff, Busmills whiskey and Jameson,...
Funnel - Carrot full of fruits
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Give a lot of vitamins and mood of someone with this funnel-shaped carrot filled with more than 1.5...
Basket with Wine, Champagne and Fruits
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Bottle of wine, sparkling champagne, 3 types of fruit, chocolate Milka, chocolates in a booklet,...
Special Gourmet Basket
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Three bottles of premium wine (two red and one white) are presented with a tasteful assortment of...
Basket with whisky, fruits and more ...
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Bottle of whiskey, 3 fruits, pralines, chocolate Milka, aromatic sticks and a candle.
Basket liquor and candy - Golden Moments
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Exquisite chocolate liqueur, chocolates, quality coffee, golden candle and a beautiful golden...
Wine and Cheese Gift Basket
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Six types of well-selected quality cheese, a set of special knives for cheese, beautiful painted...
Chocolate Wonderland
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A beautiful chocolate fairy tale with an unforgettable taste.
I love you!
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A wonderful way to show your love - cake not only beautiful but also very delicious!